The unique strength behind her elegant line of handmade fine jewelry.

Liza Koekkoek, behind her elegant line of Fine handmade jewelry

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco; Liza is the daughter of the dutch designer, Max Koekkoek; and her mother, one of the third generation of blown glass artisans.
Her childhood, surrounded by color and crafts at Tonalá, Jalisco; was reflected in an artistic environment, thanks to her parents and acquaintances.

At the age of fifteen, she had already a tremendous collection of gemstones; playing, drawing and designing under her father´s supervision.
It was natural that she would dedicate her life to art, so she moved to the Netherlands, at the age of seventeen, to begin her formal career as a professional goldsmith and gemologist.

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In that period, she filled and inspired herself
by all the different cultures and art that were around her.
She stayed under continuous learning from talented goldsmiths
and artists in Belgium & The Netherlands.

After five years, full of knowledge and experience;
she decided to go back to her native Guadalajara, Mexico.

Liza has the exceptional ability to combine the colour of gemstones,
along with metals such as silver and gold.

Her work exemplifies the ideal union between art, nature & ornament.
Her distinguished cultural heritage inspires her to create fine handcrafted jewelry,
personal and elegant; culminating in a collection of jewels.

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